How Overbooking Can Benefit Last-Minute Travelers

Overbooked flights are one of the most annoying things that can happen to you at an airport. People get bumped from their seats or they are not allowed to board the plane. But do overbooked flights actually benefit last-minute travelers? To help you learn more about overbooked flights, here is some basic information that you should know.


Compensation Claims

If you had an overbooked flight, especially if you did not travel last minute, you might get benefits later. You are entitled to get compensated by the airline even if they already booked you another flight because they delayed your original plans. This is especially true if the airline gives you a flight that will depart hours later, because some people have to wait until the next day to board a flight!

People usually have to pay for a lot of basic necessities while waiting for their next flight because of an overbooked flight. If you are not given assistance immediately, be sure to keep all the receipts to have proof that you deserve to be compensated for the flight like when you need Wizz Air Flyvningen Udsætte Kompensation. Additionally, you can even get up to 600 euros from flight compensation! If you want to learn more about claiming compensation, check out

The Process

The main reason why flights get overbooked is because the airline wants to make as much money as they can, so they might, intentionally or accidentally, book more seats than what is actually available. They will bank on people who cancel their seats or do not make it to the flight. That way, they can be sure that the plane is full, which gives them the most amount of money. However, if not enough people cancel their flights, they will not let some people board the plane and may even bump random people to give another person a seat.

People who got first-class tickets may not have to fear about getting bumped from a flight, because they generated the most revenue for the flight so therefore they will not be bumped from their seats. However, people at coach and business class may get the chances of being bumped because of the oversold seats. Either way, overbooked flights can be very stressful for the passengers who fear that they will lose their seats.

So why would that process benefit last-minute travelers if the plane had too many people and not enough seats? Well, if the plane overbooked their flight but not enough people will go on the plane before it boards, they will sell the seats at a discounted rate. Again, the airline wants to maximize their profits as much as they can and make the most out of each flight. Last minute travelers know that booking a plane ticket last minute can not only be hard but very expensive too, so they can greatly benefit from the discounted seat prices.

While overbooked flights can become a great thing for anyone who wants to travel last minute, it might not be great for those who booked their flights weeks in advance. You should get compensation if your flight was overbooked and for last minute travelers, you can enjoy the great deal on seats!